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Lana Jones

Lana Jones

Lana Jones is the Precloser at STC. She collects documents and information to move the closing process forward. She’s got an incredible work ethic and takes great pride in being able to get things done efficiently. And if there’s one thing Lana hates, it’s waiting- she’s got an amazing sense of urgency that helps her move the closing process along smoothly. She’s inspired by her bosses (Alisha & Gerri Ellen) and love seeing progress and helping others! Her productivity hack is delegating her responsibility of tasks with coworkers.


Lana loves 🎶 music and has been to Prince, JT, NIN, Incubus/Tool and Beck concerts. Her best vacation was the Cayman Islands but one day she wants to visit somewhere in 🌵Mexico and take her kids to Disney World too. Lana is a self-help junkie and loves reading anything that will help her become a more productive person. She also enjoys doing creative makeup art and watching sports🏀 (especially Grizzlies and Memphis Tigers!). When she’s not working or out having fun, Lana likes spending time with her kids and taking care of her 🐴 horses or driving boats. Her favorite movies are Batman (Michael Keaton), Beetlejuice and Wanderlust, favorite food is Italian but she also loves sweets. Lana is proud of her determination, dependability and her kids and wants to finish college one day. Some of Lana’s favorite memories are from spending time outdoors with her dad when she was growing up. One thing that makes Lana anxious is claustrophobia!

Why work with Lana Jones?

Here’s what you’ll get when you work with Lana Jones on your next real estate closing

Responsiveness and Proactive Communication

All of our team use state-of-the-art communication system so we can keep up with incoming and outgoing communication with clients.

Customized Client Experience

We customize closing experience for buyers, sellers and Realtors®. Why? Because you and your clients are our #1 priority!

Cloud-based Technology

We connect all parties to the transaction on our state-of-the-art cloud-based software to stay in the loop throughout their transaction phase.

Fast Swap & Funding on All Closings

Our closing department ensures all transactions are done in a timely manner and everyone gets paid quickly!

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